HYOGO Centre Membership

Hyogo Cultural Centre attracts members with various interests, backgrounds, and ages, but they all have one thing in common – their mutual love of Japan! Whether you are interested in travel, language, cooking, gardening, manga and anime, origami, or even movies, as long as you have an interest in Japan, Hyogo Cultural Centre will have something to offer you.

Hyogo Cultural Centre Membership is for individuals only and follows the calendar year, i.e. January to December. The Membership fee is set at $30 and will expire on December 31, 2021, regardless of the date in 2021 you actually joined.

Membership Benefits

Membership entitles the cardholder to:

  • borrow resources from the extensive library (the largest Japan related resource library in Western Australia)

  • attend Chatterbox (language exchange programme) for free

  • receive discounted fees to Hyogo Cultural Centre workshops

  • receive regular emails regarding Hyogo Cultural Centre news and events

  • priority attendance at workshops and events, with many Hyogo Cultural Centre activities not advertised publicly

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in becoming a Member, please come into the Centre to take a look around and speak with one of our friendly staff. You can become a Member immediately with a cash or card payment. Alternatively, you can print out the application form (linked below), complete, scan, and email back to us with receipt of your payment by bank transfer. Please note that we unfortunately cannot accept credit card payments over the phone. If you require an invoice for your membership payment, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will organise one for you.

2021 Membership is free for 2020 Members and $30 for all other Members. Membership runs from January 1st, 2021 until December 31st, 2021 (no GST incl.).

Renewing your Membership

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Hyogo Cultural Centre relocation in 2020, it was announced that all financial 2020 Members would be offered 2021 Membership for free. 

If you were a Member prior to 2020 and wish to renew, please advise us when completing the Membership form, as your details will still be stored in our database and can simply be updated rather than duplicating the entry. If you have had any name changes, please ensure you notify us as this will assist in locating your data.

Hyogo Membership

  • Membership is for individuals only.

  • Membership runs for the calendar year, January to December.

  • Membership is $30 per person. No discounts apply.

  • Membership benefits apply only to the cardholder.

Membership to Hyogo Cultural Centre entitles an individual to the following:

  • To borrow resources from the HPGCC library.

  • To receive details of all HPGCC member events and activities by either e-mail or post.

  • To receive discounted participation fees to certain HPGCC events.

Hyogo Members must abide by the following library rules.

  • HPGCC Members may borrow a maximum of ten (10) library items at any given time.

  • HPGCC Members may not borrow any more than two (2) Proficiency Test resources, videos / DVDs, or CD Roms at any given time.

  • Books, cassettes and magazines may be borrowed for four (4) weeks.

  • Proficiency Test resources, videos / DVDs & CD Roms may be borrowed for two (2) weeks.

  • HPGCC Members may request by telephone / e-mail to renew books, cassettes, and magazines once to allow for a maximum borrowing period of eight (8) weeks. Resources will be renewed provided HPGCC is contacted prior to the due date and the item is not reserved by another member.

  • Proficiency Test resources, videos / DVDs, and CD Roms may not be renewed.

  • A financial penalty of $2 per week per item will be imposed if an item is more than one week overdue. If an item becomes overdue by more than four (4) weeks, an invoice will be sent for the replacement cost. Members may also be penalised by refusal of borrowing rights for the same period of time that the items are overdue.


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