Hyogo-WA Sister State Relationship

The Hyogo-WA Sister State relationship was formally established in 1981. Prior to this, relationships were established with the State of Washington in 1963; with Khabarovsk Territory in Russia in 1969; and with the State of Paraná in Brazil in 1970. Following the establishment of the Hyogo-WA Relationship, Hyogo has developed similar relationships with the Republic of Palau in 1983; with Guangdong Province in China in 1983; and with Hainan Province in China in 1990.

History of the Sister-State Relationship

Hyogo Prefecture in Japan and Western Australia have enjoyed a strong sister-state relationship since the signing in 1981, between the former Governor of Hyogo Prefecture, Mr. Sakai and former Premier of Western Australia, Sir Charles Court.

Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre was established in Perth in 1992, and officially opened by Vice-Governor Itano of Hyogo and Premier Lawrence of Western Australia. Mr. Akio Kawanabe, a representative of Hyogo Prefectural Government, was the inaugural Director of the Centre and served until April 1995.

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